Welcome to the home of Wayne's Tiny World. Here you will find info on my life in the Tiny House world and much more. Please look through the site and read about my journey through life as a Residential Designer, Architectural Design Instructor, and Tiny House Builder.

When I started looking around the various tiny house sites I just couldn't get enough info. Back then there were only a couple so that was understandable. But as time has passed there are many more sites for us to read and look at. I've made some good contacts (tiny house friends) and some of the more notable sites are very informative and fun to check out. But I still feel a lack of info personally. Maybe it's because of my career in Architecture. I know there is so much more available. Or maybe it's my lengthy time as a college Architectural Design instructor where I taught literally hundreds of students CAD, Architectural Design, and Construction Materials. My detailed life has caused me to want more details. It's almost a curse at times. But it serves me and others well when the time comes to work on a project. I've always built my own homes debt-free and for the last 25+ years have had a Design-Build company.

This brings me to my hopes and dreams for this site and my Tiny House journey. I'd like the main focus on my business to be building Tiny Houses for people. I currently have a company that builds the ultimate Tiny House trailer for me. The demand for trailers, plans, and completed houses as well as finishing this website has overwhelmed me for the past few months and I'm hoping to catch up and be able to work with each of you to get your dreams going. I also hope to incorporate some of YOUR ideas into my business so I can give back to the Tiny House community by way of providing help where none currently exists. This means if you have requests or ideas please feel free to go to my contact page and send me a message. I'd love to hear from you.

The other focus of my time is going to be plans for Tiny Houses. I have chosen three sizes of Tiny Houses to offer. These are 18', 20' and 24'. I feel like I can provide most anything anyone would want or need using these three sizes. Of course there will always be exceptions and I can work with that. If you are set on having a super small 12' Tiny House that can be worked out. The good thing about this business is that if you can dream it (within reason..lol) it can be designed and built.

I'm also tossing around some ideas about hands on help for those that want or need a place to live but don't have the ability to do this on their own. Let's face it, there are people that will dive in and try anything and there are those that would rather swim with a shark than try to design and build their own home. Also some people through no fault of their own just simply can't physically do it. I hope that it works out that I can help any of you that need a helping hand.

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The Tiny House world is a great place to meet people, learn interesting things others are doing, and read some great stories. Here's mine:

In 1984 I graduated with a degree in Architectural Design. Art was always part of my life and led me to the field of Architecture. I consider my designs “Architectural Art.” For over 25 years my design company has produced construction plans for hundreds of custom homes all over the Southeast. In 1992 I was invited to teach Architectural Design at a local college. I did this for 15 years while still maintaining my design company. The last 8 years of teaching saw me and my students win 8 straight Architectural Design titles and was a great time. I love the world of Architecture and also love helping others build their dream of being in this life. To me the thing that set me and my design life apart from the typical designer is that I've spent my life building things. My dad never hired anything out so I learned early on the concept of “just doing it.” That gave me a big advantage. I tried to pass this along to my students and suggested that during the summer they go volunteer with a local building contractor and learn everything they can. In my opinion you can't be a good designer if you've never built what you are sitting there drawing. You can be adequate but not excellent. Just my opinion.

In 1998 I built my first small home that you see in the above pics. During this process I knew that my feeling of being debt free and independent was something I never wanted to give up. This was the beginning of my Tiny House life. I became almost obsessed with smaller and smaller homes. My clients were paying me to design houses as big as 10-11 thousand square feet!!! This was great for my bottom line but I was astounded by the money people were putting into homes. This did however give me lots and lots of experience designing almost every size and style home you can think of. Over the years it also made me very detailed in my design approach.

For years now I have concentrated on small home design. It became part of my teaching program at college and continued to evolve. Now I have made the final step and officially transitioned solely into Tiny Houses. I look forward to working with anyone that is interested in building a Tiny Home.

Please read the “Plans” page and the “Trailers” page for more information on the plans and the newly designed and best Tiny House trailer you can get.