It all lands here first!

Here are some screen clips of one of our latest designs that is in the works.

I'm working on this 16' Tiny House design. It will have the same width as our typical house (8'3 to outside of stud). I just started framing the loft. As you can see the doors and windows haven't even been added yet. My original plan was to stick with the 18',20',24' models but the need came up for a 16' model so here we go. There's still lots to do on this one so stay tuned.

Here is my favorite construction tool of all time.

This Dewalt DW705 (now replaced with part number DW715 I do believe) is by far my favorite building tool. I've built several houses with this and the original blade is still sharp. You can't beat that. This saw is used unless the piece of wood is just too wide to cut. Dewalt makes a model that is called a "sliding compound miter saw" that allows you to cut wider stock. Either way I would not build without one of these.