Wayne's Tiny World-Trailers


Check out our newly redesigned Tiny House trailer. As someone who is an information geek, I've looked at, talked to, driven to, and studied every tiny house trailer that is currently available. My background in Architectural Design and one of my partners who is in the mechanical engineering field have helped to create what I consider the ultimate tiny house trailer. Read below for all the info.

All of our designs are based on our custom built Tiny House trailers. These trailers are built by a local custom fabrication company. While looking for a trailer for my first tiny house I found lots of interesting qualities from several different people making tiny house trailers. One had things that were unnecessary and one had things missing. Some had the trailer bed designed in a way that seemed to make it difficult to build correctly on. This is where my years of actual design experience took over. After looking at all of the available trailers, I decided that the next one I got would be custom made. I've used Autocad and Sketchup since both software packages began. Next thing up was to use precise 3D modeling to create the best trailer possible. The plans were printed out and the result in my opinion is the best Tiny House trailer built. In Architecture I learned the importance of a good foundation. This is even more so with a Tiny House.

General Trailer Specs

Trailer Deck Height 24"
Width at outside of fenders is 8'6". Width from edge of trailer bed on the sides is 8'4".
Trailer bed front to rear 18'0, 20'0", and 24'0".
Trailer tongue steel has a minimum of 4' of clear space on top of 5"x2" tubing before coupler and jack.
Tandem 7000# heavy duty axles on 24' trailers. Tandem 5200# axles on 18' and 20' trailers.
Electric brakes on both axles.
High load range 16” trailer tires/16”x6” mini mod silver wheels (8 on 6.5” B.C.).
Emergency break away brake activator.
Dual safety chains (7600# each or equivalent).
2 5/16" ball hitch.
7 blade electric trailer connector.
Low profile LED lights installed in or on rear steel.
All wiring under trailer bed in conduit attached below cross beams and attached against side main beam.
Complete trailer black in color.
Each corner has a scissor leveling jack (4 total). Plate welded to bottom of each corner with jack bolted to plate.
Gussets around perimeter.

Steel Specs

Main beams to be 5”x2”x.120 wall rectangular tubing.
Tongue beams to be 5”x2”x.120 wall rectangular tubing.
(11) Cross beams to be 4”x2”x .083 wall (14GA) rectangular tubing.
Side angle flanges to be 3.5” x 2” x 3/16” (3.07#/foot)

If you are interested in ordering a Tiny House trailer please go to the Contact page and send an email with your requests.